The App

A Tool made to help the creation and organization of Insight Cards.

The Insighting is a tool to help you on projects using Insight Cards to make the development of ideas easier.

The Details

The Insighting Features

Features to help you on projects.

Smart Tags System

Smart tags system created to help you on the creation of insight cards group.

Project Sharing

Add co-workers in a project to help you using the share system.

Images adding

Add images on your insight cards to illustrate them.

Automatic Save

The app saves your changes on the projects automatically.

Direct Interface

Easy and direct interface comprehension to make your works faster.

Text Transcription

Automatic text transcription to add your insight card text in a document.

Screens Design

Login Screen

To login on the Insighting app you just need to use your facebook account or your google account, after this you will be ready to use it.


When you first enter the Insighting app you will see the instructions, they will help you on the use of the app.

Insight Cards

These are the Insight cards on the app, every insight card that you create will be saved on the folder of your project.